The Not So Fancy Intro

Hello, welcome to Her Book Club. Breathe. I must say how pleased I am with myself. Moving off my lazy ass putting something out there. You should try it too. No no, I’m not calling you lazy. Okay, let’s start from the top.

I am delighted to have you here. Welcome! This is more or less a mini intro to her book and coffee club (couldn’t get a domain for the exact name lol). It’s a small start but I’m confident it’ll turn into something great soon. How soon? I have no idea.

Nevertheless, I hope you stick with me on this journey we’ve begun. It might be bumpy. Who am I kidding? It will definitely be a bumpy ride. But I believe that as long as we have tragic novels, George Orwell’s sarcasm, online coffee, and a few good books, we’ll be alright.


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